The new social media addiction

In the past, at the beginning of social media, Facebook times, I used to be hooked up by them. Checking people’s lives and exposing my life just to get the attention it was the trend. Everyone was doing that and it was fun.

Nowadays I see that this excessive life exposure brought many negative effects on our lives and because of that many people now avoid exposing their lives on social media. But this didn’t stop us from using the social apps, we still doing that but now in search of entertainment.

The problem that this diversion it’s becoming even more addictive and superficial than the previous one. We spend so much time on memes, funny videos, pranks, that we live in a constant imaginary world. Numbing our real feelings just to get out of the world and have microdoses of joy after laughing at a funny Instagram story.

TikTok, Instagram, 9gag are the TV of our generation. They replaced the silly TV shows of the past. They can look inoffensive at first but they numb us into a superficial world. A funny world where we don’t really care about our reality if we can have some fun with cat memes.

internet rabbit hole alice meme

In Brazil, we used to have, and in some cases, we still have, TV shows with auditorium games, competitions, pranks. Silvio Santos, it’s the biggest name of all. He still keeps some time slot dedicated to this kind on his TV network. And it’s the same all over the world. Candid Camera, Just for Laughs, Jackass, you name it. So many worldwide. The big difference it’s that back then we weren’t in control of when to watch, we had to wait and enjoy the most of it. Nowadays we can choose whenever we want to watch, for how long, and from an infinite library: the internet. So we can spend several hours on them and without realizing it. It’s the known “internet rabbit hole”.

down to the rabbit hole alice

This is making people sick. Comparing yourself to others on social media makes you lose your self-esteem. Not only has social media been proven to cause unhappiness, but it can also lead to the development of mental health issues such as anxiety or depression when used too much or without caution.

We have to stop that addiction by finding meaning in what we do. We need to ground ourselves on what matters in life. Looking for human connection, religion, nature will make you feel better. We often have the ego that we don’t need connection, that we are sufficed, this is true but we also are part of the whole. Knowing that you also need to connect, that you are just a grain of sand in this entire universe, that there is a God out there, this helps one to ground itself.

finding inner peace
Silhouette illustration of a man praying outside at beautiful landscape

As with any other struggle in life, you need time to get over it. Take it easy, go step by step and you will make it. After you get the habit of taking care of yourself, loving your family, living up by your faith, taking care of nature, will you be ready for any challenge.