IHOP is best than Starbucks

I used to always go to Starbucks to work and have a good coffee, but today I tried something different: IHOP and I am delighted for being open minded, because IHOP has a bigger table, a more comfortable seat, coffee refil, many types of meals and I don’t need to order at cashier.

In the IHOP the internet is good, but don’t have wifi in all IHOPs, you need to check first. The air conditioner is not too strong, because in Starbucks I almost freezing.

Starbucks has advantage in: more power jacks, more types of coffee, fast service, internet speed and more interaction with people.

The others characteristics are equals: good ambient music, good food and drinks, availability, parking, etc.

And you, what do you prefer?


Just as referencial, I am at this IHOP and I already gone to many Starbucks in Los Angeles.

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